About Us

Aim Energy USA is an Electrical Engineering and Energy consulting firm with Offices in the Virginia, Washington and California. Aim Energy was founded by John Medina, a veteran Electrical Engineer who specializes in providing alternative and progressive energy solutions. As the energy world progresses to new technology, John is a leader in delivering new technologies. Aim Energy provides Electrical Engineering, Electrical Contracting and Electrician services to companies and residents throughout the US. Aim Energy is a leader in providing Harmonic Filtering solutions and works with its partners throughout the US to provide solutions for unreliable energy sources.

With the adaptation of new technologies, energy efficiency becomes more about the capturing, storage and delivery of energy. The discussion becomes more about Direct Current (DC) technologies over Alternating Current(AC) where solid state devices and other electronics and actuators that natively run on DC. Instead of converting DC to AC to DC and increasing the inefficiency, can we not look at DC to DC power? DC provides deeper adoption of alternative energy, power storage, a smarter grid and a world of micro processed electronics. Aim Energy USA looks at providing solutions to businesses and residential to help adapt the latest in efficient alternative energy.

This website “Aims” to discuss the latest topics in energy and how it affects each and everyone of us. Most people do not think about energy. They just turn on the switch and expect everything to work and work perfectly. When it does not work… well someone did not do their job and it becomes a major problem. What most people do not realize is how much all of us are affected by energy; that is good clean reliable energy. Energy that is stable and does not blow out our electronics.

We think about energy, and hopefully we can provide some insights along the way.